The age of modern technology has made impatience a virtue. At Press Customizr, we have been integrating the lazy loading technology in our themes Customizr and Hueman, with excellent results on the performances and user experience.

The age of modern technology has made impatience a virtue. At Press Customizr, we have been integrating the lazy loading technology in our themes Customizr and Hueman, with excellent results on the performances and user experience. If you followed the steps above as I mentioned, in the Tiny Guide in Image Optimization section, then you have probably already optimized images and therefore Google PageSpeed will not show any images for you. We have a step by step guide on how to add your WordPress site to Google Search Console. 1. Show excerpts – If you have a blog, display excerpts of your content instead of full posts, and reduce the number of posts per page (no more than 7, ideally). I’ve installed the latest version of WordPress, the MedicPress theme, all theme recommended plugins and I’ve imported the demo content. Once done with removing the slower plugins and replacing its alternatives.

1. Remove excess baggage – While they may not seem to be doing any harm, inactive themes and plugins are just extra information your site doesn’t need. If yes, we need to work on that. This version of the code doesn’t work for me – well actually in only works in Opera. AdWord Keywords Research Tool can use, or you can work with your guess. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about improving your site’s speed, including factors that can slow down your WordPress site, making your business suffer as a result. Although, it is well-suited for making eye-catching, gorgeous portfolio websites for freelancers, professionals or organizations looking to make a strong, bold statement in a serious, effective style. The problem, of course, is that since you frequently visit your own website, your browser stores the content in the cache, thereby making it more quickly. Your web hosting service might already have a browser caching service in place. Fast-loading pages improve user experience, increase page views, and have a huge influence on conversion metrics. For example, this could be an issue if we wanted to determine, at some point after fetching the posts (such as inside footer.php), what kind of page we are dealing with.

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  • New security vulnerabilities
  • Updates are more likely to cause problems on highly customized sites
  • Caching and What it Does for you
  • Recognizes and blocks online threats
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Yet the speed of a website’s performance is a basic issue often overlooked by businesses new to the online marketplace. WordPress Configuration – If your site is not delivering cached pages; it will overload your server which can diminish your website’s speed, or worse, crash it entirely. To load website pages, WordPress first has to find the information, assemble it, and then display it to your users. It also gives you the option to suppress ads on pages, category pages, tag pages, archives and more. External scripts – Ads and font loaders, for example, can impact your website performance. Your WordPress hosting provider plays a crucial role in your website’s overall performance. Cleaning up your database files will give a much-needed boost to your website’s performance. Nearly 80% of shoppers who were dissatisfied with a site’s performance said they are less likely to buy from the same website again. Try the methods above first on how to solve slow WordPress Website on Bluehost before resulting to upgrading or just proceed to upgrading.

Slow WordPress Site Plugin

Keeping your WordPress updated with the latest version is the best way to keep things moving along quickly and smoothly. Hey Justin – I felt the same exact way. For a client interested in SEO optimisation, the easiest and the most convenient way is to include the designer in the project in the very initial stage. If you want to get Google to love your site and get it SEO optimized then this is the plugin you need and it is totally free. Also, you don’t need another plugin for promoting your social media profiles; it comes with a widget which you can place in the sidebar or anywhere you want with the shortcode to display your profiles with the count of fans. Filling your sidebar and footer with unnecessary widgets will slow down your site, as each widget has to load content individually. They bring life to your pages and boost engagement in the content.

With this plugin, you’ll boost your load times and decrease your bounce rate. Simply install the plugin, activate it, and watch your page load faster as elements are cached. Page Size – Images that aren’t optimized for the web are a prime cause of page lag. All websites need images. You need to clear and delete the spam comments, fake users, and drafts which won’t be used in future. Over time, databases can become bloated with unnecessary data—things like spam comments, blog post revisions, and deleted files. When a user comes across your website, their browser will routinely unzip the files and display your contents. WP Rocket provides browser caching, cache preloading, and options to minimize coding including HTML, CSS, and Javascript. To remedy this, we recommend a caching plugin such as WP Rocket. 1”, which will make the caching hard to recognize the file, that’s why we need to remove the query strings.