1. Minimize the plugins you use, as each plugin will load its own CSS and JavaScript files. I never felt comfortable installing another WordPress plugin. Marketing Pro is a powerful and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme.

1. Minimize the plugins you use, as each plugin will load its own CSS and JavaScript files. I never felt comfortable installing another WordPress plugin. Marketing Pro is a powerful and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Every page and every blog post on your website should have at least one image on it. You can easily post your comments and blogs regarding your product description on the social networking website. By performing compression and rescale of photos to fit your blog post width we can dramatically improve loading time and user experience of your resource. Bulk editing — you can annotate all the photos at once, without opening it one by one. Not several tools, not 5 WP plugins, no half solutions, but just one tool that automates the whole work, centralize all the best practices and do just that thing, faster, better, simpler for a user? And I know its dated, but some of the information still works, I guess its best to experiment since every seo expert has their own opinion, it really gets crazy trying to keep up. Many people do not know that Google Analytics allows you to set up custom alerts that will tell you when something has happened on your website.

Search Console should always been installed on your site and connected to your Google Analytics account, because the data is invaluable. Google’s Search Console is a fantastic free tool that helps you identify the errors happening on your website, as well as insight into the keywords driving traffic to your site and some free tools to help you optimize your site. Use Google Search Console to monitor your site’s errors (specifically 404s) and control your site’s parameters to minimize duplicate content. 1234. This is controlled in your WordPress site’s Permalinks section. As you can see above, the WordPress Media Library file uploader has a default file size limit. WordPress plugins also include a number of share buttons that allow you to share your content and help your spread your website far and wide by using social media as the medium. And we have come to number five of our Gutenberg optimized WordPress themes. A number of those present naturally took notes, and, later on, these notes were edited into what we know as the Sermon on the Mount.

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I don’t know how it was developed, what it does under the hood. Pro Hint: Don’t always link old posts from new posts but every couple of weeks go back and link newer posts from older posts. It is very likely that people will leave if your site needs more than a couple of seconds to load. Get more information like this delivered right to your inbox. You will then make the right adjustments to the image using Photoshop software and later save it as a Photoshop document (PSD). Even though using CDN is not compulsory, or really necessary, you can opt for it if you are looking to make your site speedier. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a means for people to possess your web site content with no need to visit your web site. As a web developer, I had taken part in building high performant web apps and get used to thinking about any web apps from user experience angle.

  • 7 outstanding headers
  • WP HTTP Compression
  • Be able to change where a link goes later on
  • Statistics Summary
  • Host your Google Analytics tracking code locally in the right side of settings
  • Customized Widgets — Twitter, Instagram, Dribbble, Vimeo, Flickr, social hyperlinks, and extra
  • Viewport based Slide Loading and Progress

Budgets: It is strictly prohibited to fetch with open ended invoice associations with web developers until the preservation phase of the project has been completed. Doing the whole process with a known tools is time consuming, annoying and require a lot of open programs and context switches. A whole lot in fact, but lets focus on Seo and how the social net can aid your web-site rank better. It’s a desktop application that automates all the repetitive tasks and allows you to focus on what matters — bringing your thoughts to a paper. SEO optimization — alt, title, renaming, caption done much faster on a desktop application. Most bloggers and website owners pay much attention to the content quality, while the topic of image optimization remains largely neglected. This assists all type of business owners in availing the best technologies for their business to attain growth and revenue. A SEO agency outlines a wider and comprehensive online business strategy to ensure prominence for key phrases on SE’s such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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Technical SEO is an ongoing undertaking, and as your site grows you will constantly face new challenges. If you do not have a full screen view for that high resolution image, then cut down the image to the display size on your site to minimize load times. Depending on the scale of these issues, you can either solve them then or wait to fix them until you have dedicated time. In the past few years, many digital marketers have a debate on these platforms strength and suitability. Instagram and Pinterest are few of the many social media platforms that you can network your food blog. The Markesia theme is a digital marketing agency WordPress theme that can be used for a variety of sites such as: seo services, marketing business agency, consultancy services, or similar sites like social media marketing. When you are building your eCommerce business and want to invest in organic traffic through search engine optimization as a growth and marketing channel, the strategies might seem overwhelming. On every page, obviously, I want either someone to submit an enquiry or I want them to pick up the phone and call the business.

Smart snippets — if you want to implement the techniques like lazy loading, Lightroom, and other beautiful things. Commerce websites are notoriously image heavy and rightfully so – people want to see what they are buying before they buy. People share their day to day activities, technology news, education tutorials and many more interesting things. It also adds more database queries. It adds more complexity and redundancy to an admin panel and sometimes get’s glitchy. Keep in mind that the header area provides a cool parallax effect, which adds some creativity to your homepage. 2. Use a host like LiquidWeb that either allows you to use WordPress-specific caching plugins like W3 Total Cache, or a host that provides caching themselves. In addition, the plugin provides an option to remove all the comment-related items from the Dashboard, widgets, Admin menu, and Admin Bar. No matter what your situation is – you need a caching plugin.

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By setting browser caching you’re telling browser to keep some kind of files for a specified period of time in local memory (cache). While technical SEO due diligence is done proactively as your site grows, setting a solid foundation from the start is the best way to allow your ecommerce site to grow. If you’ve never audited your ecommerce store from an SEO perspective, that is the first step. I’m a software developer, doing my first steps in blogging. First of all, Picpipe is not limited to WordPress. I’ve started Picpipe to “scratch my own itch.” Sounds like a cliche right? However, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the amount installed on your site right now is too many. Now you too can start creating money making blogs! Upon activation, the plugin will start appearing in your site’s admin bar with Yoast SEO logo.

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