More so, sites built using this CMS can be accessed from all popular browsers in the market.

More so, sites built using this CMS can be accessed from all popular browsers in the market. Captions under images are read on average 300% more than the body copy itself, so not using them, or not using them correctly, means missing out on an opportunity to engage a huge number of potential readers. Read the complete explanation of How to Use Creative Commons Images from Flickr. People use the caption in scanning an article. How to place images in an article ? But are those beautiful images slowing down your site? Means if a site load slow, so Google penalizes or drop down the site ranking in the search results. Gzip compression, just like for Bloomfield Capital’s website, would need to be enabled to shrink down their overall page size. In this method you need to login in control panel which is provided by hosting company when you buy a hosting account. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as it is called is an encryption method that you can use on your website.

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So always show hesitation in redirects use because it can create big hurdles in fast website performance. Some people use online HTML generators but they forget about its negative impact on website performance. Perhaps it is most searched question by webmasters and marketers who are upset about their slow website performance. This is going to be a boon for multi-device users who switch across many devices to access information. Some of the top devices are SmartPhones, tablets, Ultra Books and iPads. Some even gave high top quality service to their customers. Professional developers also put CSS files at the top and JavaScript files at the bottom. With a VPS or even better a dedicated server you site can perform the request and load files much faster than it can on shared hosting. Placement of files also plays vital role in website performance. It is tough to update your website contents in case of Photoshop based websites.

It comes packed with several helpful plugins which helps it become an optimized CMS in true sense.

You get access to high-level insider tactics on how to get your rankings stick for months and years to come regardless of any other new google algorithm update that comes out. And when it comes to integration with any app or service, this CMS delivers as much ease as desired by businesses. It comes packed with several helpful plugins which helps it become an optimized CMS in true sense. Keeping over-optimization in mind, I’d say you should add a caption if it would make sense to the visitor if that caption is added. If you have other optimization warnings from speed test tools, make sure to check out our post on Google PageSpeed Insights and our in-depth Pingdom walkthrough. In this article, we’ll review how to flag mobile issues in Webmaster Tools, explain the most common issues and learn how to assess mobile usability problems on your website based on these flags. The speed of your website is important. Website speed breaks and makes conversion rate therefore every webmaster look conscious about its website speed.

If you place yourself in the 2nd category, then you must transform your website from PSD to XHTML to sustain your growth. In simple language, when someone put your image link on their own content then that image loads from your server on their website. But the resources are still shared which means under heavy traffic, the website might fail. Your website will have several changes such as fast loading speed, increased online traffic, search engine friendliness, and easy content publishing. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler):- It is the best plugin for WordPress plugin directory to check which plugin is creating performance issue on your website. We can have different solutions and ways to increase a particular website’s performance. 1. Firstly,you can upload your own image as an avatar,if you don,t have one. Why is the caption text important for image SEO as well? This can directly lead to lost business, which is why you should test important pages on your site as an anonymous user after installation.

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Why are images/pictures necessary for an article ? 1. Images/pictures make the idea of your article clearer. We hope this article helped you select the perfect theme for your WordPress site. After that you need to follow the instructions in our tutorial on how to properly switch WordPress themes on your site. First you need to understand what happens to a WordPress site when you switch themes. Some settings on your WordPress site will disappear and will not automatically apply to your new theme. This will help you in nurturing and extend your existing customer base across the continents. More so, it has features and facilities that help a great deal in blog publishing and user management. 3. Images/pictures if properly used can drive targeted traffic to your blog or forum. And certainly creating a discussion forum on WordPress is super simple – all you need to know is how to install a plugin. There is no need to transform the wheel, with WordPress being freely available and customizable.

What I’ve just described was a full page cache, there are many other types – caching is a profession in itself. 25 types of data that can be cleaned. It is not a very serious issue, but it can be resolved very easily. For new WordPress sites, you can just select the perfect theme and install it on your site. Therefore to make your site appear on the first pages of SERPs, work on your WordPress site speed. Therefore a reliable and fast server is necessary to increase website speed. A website is also beneficial for an individuals. A backup is just a snapshot of your website. Apart from this, the meaningful content is required for generating online traffic at your website. Like other open source content management systems, Drupal also helps users to create, publish, store, and manage digital content without spending more money. More so, sites using this open source and popular platform are known to deliver social media integration and help businesses boost their reach and impact.

It will help you in targeting your customers in a better manner. The entire image will still have to be loaded. This can all have a knock-on impact on the speed with which your website loads. Allow you to improve your page loading speed and get a higher score on the major speed testing services. One of major reasons of using WordPress is its support to multiple systems and multiple devices. Businesses also like using this platform as it brings ease of customization where themes can be changed accordingly. What’s more, a coding-less customization is now a reality for businesses. Although this platform is free to use, it still gives businesses a broad range of selection options in terms of websites. WordPress gives developers the advantage of editing and redistributing as its original source codes are publicly available. Similarly, WordPress is backed by a huge family of developers and users on the internet which helps a great deal in troubleshooting. Your business must select a platform that is not only rich in features but also offers a great deal of cost-effectiveness in project development. Given so many features to avail, it’d be great to hire a dedicated WordPress developer and leverage its potential to the core.